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One of my greatest passions, even more than hiking and camping, is travel, especially to non-western, "exotic" places. Backpack travel is so all-consuming that every available holiday has to be somewhere exciting. Even an extended "between job" break is necessary every few years. Somehow I have managed to take many trips since the 1970's without totally sacrificing my career as a chemist and quality engineer.

I left my native Canada in 1972 to live and work in Australia. I liked so much to be somewhere "different" that from then on I considered myself a "citizen of the world". Based in either Australia or Canada, itchy feet have taken me to countless destinations. Virtually all travel is backpack style, by local buses, trains, boats or bicycle. After 30 years or so, I have never grown tired of travel, and am always planning my next trip.

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So let's go off in quest of that lark (apologies to Lewis Carroll and Ralph Vaughan-Williams), or at least have a lark doing so.

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